Physiotherapists can help prevent small injuries from becoming serious and can help speed recovery from injuries that stop you running.

If you are a serious runner, looking for ways of improving your performance, a consultation with a bio-kineticist will always be well worth the expense and effort as the analysis performed will enable you to establish your muscular and structural weaknesses which prevent you running your best and will provide exercises and routines to strengthen weak areas and to achieve peak performance. .

Although there are a large number of competent physiotherapists and bio-kineticists active in South Africa, and in the Johannesburg area, the Lydiard Athletics Club recommends the following practitioners:


Parsons, Marian, Sandton City, (t)

Sobel, Gary, Linksfield Clinic, Johannesburg, (t) 011 647 3570


Kliegbiel, Jannie, Centre for Sports Medicine Rosebank,
(t) 011 442 8233

Van Heerden, Zac, (c)

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