All books detailing the training methods of Arthur Lydiard including Running the Lydiard Way (1978) and Running to the Top (1997) and Running with Lydiard (2000)

Meyer & Meyer Sport have a wide range of books on the Lydiard training methodology and by googling “Arthur Lydiard Garth Gilmour” and consulting the various internet order sites should provide a wealth of titles available on Lydiard training

The Lore of Running by Professor Tim Noakes – an international recognised classic publication which combines great training wisdom, motivational case studies and physiological detail

Healthy Intelligent Training – the proven principles of Arthur Lydiard (2009) by Keith Livingstone

Three Men Named Matthews – Memories of the Golden Age of South African distance running and its aftermath by the Club Chairperson – a history of South African distance running focusing on Matthews Batswadi, Matthews Motshwarateu and Matthews Temane

Running with the Legends by Michael Sandrock – a motivational book which details the careers and training of 23 champion athletes and an ideal gift to an intelligent teenager wishing to learn about the history of middle and long distance running

Although long out of print I found The Olympians by Sebastian Coe and Nicholas Mason tremendously motivational and a wonderfully written account of Olympic history and try to order it through your local library system

All biographies of champion athletes are worth reading for the insight that they provide into the life of a champion and for motivation – some of the leading examples are:-

Peter Snell: from Olympian to Sports Scientist – Garth Gilmour and Peter Snell
Running Free – Sebastian Coe and David Miller
Coming Back – Sebastian Coe and David Miller
Running Dialogue – Harry Wilson
The Perfect Distance – Pat Butcher

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